On May 1st, Angela Hursh, Manager of Engagement and Marketing for NoveList, a division of EBSCO Information Services, received the 2023 Library Journal Movers & Shakers award, recognizing individuals around the world who are helping to shape the future of libraries. Angela received this significant award based on her passionate work to advocate for libraries facing book challenges and her impact as a highly-regarded thought leader in library marketing strategy.  

Upon hearing of her award, colleagues and members of the library community shared their appreciation for Angela’s work: 

“On behalf of the NoveList team, we are so proud of Angela and delighted to work alongside her! This recognition of her work is a well-deserved honor because of her hard work and intense commitment. And it is also a recognition of just how much libraries need extra support right now. They increasingly find themselves in the crossfire and need someone like Angela to share her deep expertise and strategic advice. Thank you, Angela, for your outstanding contributions.”

- Danielle Borasky, Vice President, NoveList

“Angela first impressed me a decade ago when I heard her share the marketing strategy she developed for her library system. It was an approach that was radically different from what so many of us were doing then. I am so thankful that when we had an opening at NoveList she said yes. Angela’s passion for libraries is authentic and palpable. We are thrilled to see Angela recognized with this prestigious honor. Congratulations, Angela!”

- Kathy Lussier, Director of Engagement and Marketing, NoveList

“The library marketing world would not be the same without Angela. Year after year she continues to help shape the future of library marketing by educating library marketers around the world about pressing topics like book banning and censorship. In Angela’s blog posts, YouTube videos, and presentations, she always gives her readers and viewers the tools to succeed.”

Sasha Vasilic, Public Relations & Marketing Supervisor, Niles-Maine District Library

“Angela Hursh is a library marketing genius. She is a self-taught rock star who I look up to when it comes to her active presence on social media and her phenomenal library marketing show on YouTube. Her valuable repository of library marketing advice and best practices on her Super Library Marketing blog is a goldmine. I could not think of another person to deserve this award. She is inspiring!”

- Mark Aaron Polger, Associate Professor, City University of New York

“It has been a pleasure to work with Angela. She has inspired our members and given them great advice on all things marketing, crisis management, and staying neutral during book challenges. Angela is professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. You can hear her passion in her presentations.”

- Melissa Lattanzi, Continuing Education Coordinator, Northeast Ohio Regional Library System

“I consider myself an Angela Hursh SUPER FAN. I took her Marketing Foundations Class through Learn with NoveList in 2022 shortly after being promoted to the role of Communications Manager. It has had a profound impact on everything I do to market my library. Angela is the first person I reach out to when I want to celebrate a marketing win, and she's also my go-to resource when I'm facing a marketing challenge. She cares deeply about libraries and all the patrons she ultimately serves through her work, and it shows in her commitment to supporting library staff. We're so lucky to have her in our corner.”

- Leslie Marinelli, Communications Manager, Forsyth County Public Library  

“If librarians want to gain marketing tips and are short on time, Angela's blog is the first tool that I recommend. Her tips are understandable and practical for all library sizes and budgets. Angela is so generous with her time and talents. Libraries are lucky to have her knowledge and expertise!” 

- Jamie Matczak, Education Consultant, Wisconsin Valley Library Service

“I can't think of anyone more deserving of recognition than Angela Hursh, who works tirelessly for NoveList, writes a helpful and inspiring library marketing blog, produces and runs her own YouTube library marketing show, and presents all over the place on endless marketing topics! It is immeasurably obvious Angela cares deeply about the success of libraries because she consistently demonstrates it by sharing her insight with as many people as she can reach. She has influenced me greatly and I'm happy to have met her. Congratulations Angela!”

- Katie Rothley, Marketing & Public Relations Librarian, Northville District Library

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