Earth Day is celebrated across the globe on April 22 annually. EBSCO will be celebrating our planet and the environment for the entire month of April, providing us with an opportunity to share and engage in sustainable practices and environmental advocacy.

Why is Earth Month important, and what does it mean for us and our planet?

  • Raise Awareness: Earth Month is a time when environmental issues take center stage. It serves as a reminder of the environmental challenges we face, such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution. By raising awareness, we can inspire action and empower individuals and communities to make a difference.
  • Inspire Action: It's not enough just to be aware of environmental issues; taking action is what will make a difference. Earth Month encourages people to participate in activities like tree planting, clean-up initiatives, and conservation projects. It motivates us to make eco-conscious decisions, such as reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing waste.
  • Promote Sustainable Living: During Earth Month, individuals and businesses often come together to promote sustainable living. This can include initiatives like reducing energy consumption, supporting renewable energy sources, and adopting eco-friendly practices in daily life both at home and in our professional environment. 
  • Celebrate Nature's Beauty: Earth Month is a time to celebrate the natural beauty of our planet. It encourages us to connect with nature, whether through outdoor activities like hiking or simply spending time in green spaces. Appreciating nature's beauty fosters a deep connection and commitment to its preservation.
  • Global Collaboration: Earth Month is a global event that unites people across borders and cultures. It reminds us that environmental issues are a shared concern, and collective action is necessary to address them. It's a time to work together toward common goals.
  • Sustainability Beyond April: Earth Month acts as a catalyst for sustainable living year-round. The practices and awareness raised during this month often inspire long-term commitments to eco-conscious living.

Did you know that encouraging your library users to recycle isn't just about tossing things in the bin - it's a commitment to sustainable habits! Sorting materials properly, rinsing containers, and removing lids to ensure efficient recycling can actually help the environment. Find more tips on how to protect the environment by following our tip a day for the month of April on our social channels.

Libraries have an opportunity to promote environmental awareness and sustainability within their communities. Find more educational resources and ideas on how to encourage your patrons to help protect our planet.

Download, print and hang EBSCO’s Earth Month poster and infographic in your library