Over the last few weeks, we explored the benefits of transforming library catalogs to linked data resources in our on-demand video series “Making the Pieces Fit: Solving the Linked Data Puzzle.” By connecting the dots between separate pieces of information, libraries can unlock new possibilities for organization, discovery, and accessibility.

Today, we are wrapping up the series with a final video in which we summarize and recap the benefits that Linked Data, BIBFRAME and BiblioGraph can offer libraries.

From Data to Knowledge: The Linked Data Puzzle Unraveled

BiblioGraph, EBSCO’s Linked Data service, transforms catalog records to BIBFRAME resources and can publish your data to an open network that enriches library data through a collaboration of thousands of libraries. Libraries benefit in many ways, including increased visibility of their resources on the web, enriched collections with data from authoritative sources on the web, and more.

Are you ready to complete the Linked Data puzzle for your library?

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