The field of political science is ever-changing. With new information and findings constantly being uncovered, keeping up with the latest research developments is essential for researchers to orient themselves within the field. International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA Abstracts), published by the International Political Science Association, is a database containing the largest body of articles and abstracts in political science and related fields curated by political scientists. These abstracts – which come from journals and yearbooks published around the world – are expertly gathered to help researchers find the best scholarship in the field of political science. IPSA Abstracts has been providing the community of political scientists with timely, relevant research for more than 70 years.

Trends in International Political Science is a recently developed supplement to the Abstracts database, comprising short articles written by leading political scientists from around the world to highlight up-and-coming research within the field. Trends articles build upon the current database by providing comprehensive overviews of noteworthy research trends from the past two to four years. Trends explore the currently available scholarship and point to opportunities for further research. IPSA Trends has become a unique, valuable resource for corporate and academic researchers alike by helping end users navigate the constantly developing field of political science. Below, we highlight three recent IPSA Trends articles and their contributions to furthering research within the field of political science.

Trends is edited by Stephen W. Sawyer ( and Daniel Stockemer (  

Security Politics and Artificial Intelligence: Key Trends and Debates

Written by Dr. Serif Onur Bahcecik from the Department of International Relations at Middle East Technical University, this Trends article explores the research surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its security implications. In the article, Bahcecik reviews the current discourse around AI and discusses the differing opinions on the ethical application of AI to security as well as on AI’s potential impact on society overall. After examining the current research on AI and security, the author proposes more areas for critical study, including the further exploration of how artificial intelligence is currently affecting security in a broader sense.

Trends in Theorizing Democratic Legitimacy

This article, by Joanna Rak from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, discusses the current literature on democratic legitimacy and why recent assaults on democracy have become more effective. Rak’s Trends article explores why these attacks on democracy have become so forceful and why international organizations have been less adept at preventing backsliding in democracy. Rak reviews current trends and challenges in theorizing democratic legitimacy from international political science articles, then comments on the multiple approaches to and subjects within democratic legitimacy, concluding with an indication of potential paths for further research.

A Review of Conspiracy Theory Research: Definitions, Trends, and Directions for Future Research

Written by Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau from the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa, this Trends article explores the prevalence of conspiracy theories in political and social discourse. The article discusses the current literature available on conspiracy theories and conspiratorial thinking, the impact this thinking has on politics and society, and key terms used in the discourse surrounding this trending topic. Bordeleau concludes with suggestions for continuing future research, highlighting areas where literature is lacking in this ever-changing area of study.


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