At a time when librarians are being asked to do more with less, it’s critical to have tools that support library workflows and ultimately make administrative tasks easier and faster to do, especially when it comes to managing the circulation of digital resources such as e-books. Effective e-book management tools should allow you to quickly see every e-book your library has access to and efficiently assess if current e-book models will meet demand. The ability to view usage, turnaway and ownership data in the same location empowers your library to make important decisions and easily upgrade or add high-demand e-books to your collection. 

The power is now in your library’s hands with the new EBSCO eBook Manager — an innovative new suite of features built to help libraries efficiently manage their e-book collections and effectively respond to requests as well as usage and demand.  EBSCO eBook Manager gives your library the control it needs while supporting key workflows in a single intuitive interface within EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM.)

The “My Collection” Search: View Your Entire Collection, Save Search Time and Anticipate Demand

Gone are the days of endless searching to determine the need for titles assigned in courses from the campus bookstore or by faculty. EBSCO eBook Manager offers clear visibility into the full breadth of your library’s EBSCO eBooks holdings and provides key data points that your library needs to confirm access and make decisions about upgrading or changing the download setting of a title.

The functionality empowers your library to:

  • View and manage your library’s entire collection of EBSCO eBooks (including subscriptions, shared collections, DDA and more)
  • Search, sort and filter results by a variety of metrics including title metadata, purchase type, access model(s), owned vs. shared, date added to the collection, total accesses, turnaways, CAM uses remaining, CAM renewal date, relevance, e-books available to upgrade to DRM-Free and more
  • Assess if e-books requested by faculty members are available and whether current e-book access models will meet demand and if necessary, easily upgrade through ECM or GOBI
  • Import a list of ISBNs from the bookstore and instantly determine if your library owns them or can purchase them through EBSCO
  • View ownership and access information alongside usage and turnaway data to help make purchase and upgrade decisions

Added in May 2022 - New Filter to Easily Find Titles with Custom Download Settings

To help customers discover titles with custom download settings, the EBSCO team has added a new facet on the “My Collection” page that allows librarians to easily find e-books in their holdings that have custom title-level download settings applied.

Users can easily filter their holdings for those titles that have title-level download controls set so they can more easily discover and edit those settings.

I am so impressed with how easy it is to gain the information I used to have to look for in multiple places. A few clicks of the facets and I was able to view recent turnaways and assess which titles we may need to purchase additional copies for. Great work!

Juleah Swanson
University of Colorado Boulder Libraries

The "Settings" Tab: Adjust EBSCO eBooks Download Settings with Ease

EBSCO eBook Manager gives your library easy access to the administrative settings to properly manage the circulation of the EBSCO eBooks your library owns and optimize those e-books for different use cases. For example, if your library wants to restrict downloads by access model or for individual titles, you can make that adjustment in a matter of seconds. Or maybe your library needs to shorten checkout durations for course reserves, allow users to reserve any number of copies for online use or enable automatic upgrades for course materials. EBSCO eBook Manager provides your library with the solution it needs to adjust download settings for your entire collection or by individual titles in just a few clicks. 

The functionality empowers your library to:

  • Manage the download period for individual titles
  • Easily turn downloads on and off for your library’s entire collection of EBSCO eBooks
  • Modify the download settings by access models (1U, 3U, UU, and CAM) to allow the downloading of all Unlimited User models or restrict the downloading of single-use titles

The "My Lists" Tab:  Create and Manage Custom Lists of EBSCO eBooks

As of August 2022, you can segment your library’s EBSCO eBooks collections in a variety of ways to better meet your library’s unique needs with the new “My Lists” tab in EBSCO eBook Manager. This feature enables libraries to create custom lists of eBooks and modify the checkout and download settings for those titles at the list level.

This functionality empowers your library to:

  • Create and view custom lists of eBooks
  • Apply specific download settings to or reserve copies of eBooks in a list
  • Monitor usage and turnaways for specific eBooks in your collection
  • Place eBooks on e-reserve – watch our video to see how!
  • Add or remove eBooks from a list
  • Archive list settings for use in a future academic term
  • View eBooks that are included on a list in the holdings search view

EBSCO eBook Manager provides libraries with a broad and deep view of their EBSCO eBooks collection, including easy access to usage and turnaway data. It also includes a suite of additional features to help them manage their collection, including an ISBN search and nuanced download controls, empowering them to more effectively meet demand, maximize access, and optimize the overall EBSCO eBooks experience at their institution.

Kara Kroes Li
Director of Product Management for EBSCO eBooks
EBSCO Information Services

How to Gain Access to EBSCO eBook Manager in ECM

This functionality is assigned to the “eBook Approver” and “eBook Administrator” roles in ECM, but not to eBook Selectors. If you are a current user of ECM and need your role(s) updated, please contact our team for assistance. If are not a current user of ECM, please request an ECM account and be sure to select both the “eBook Approver” and “eBook Administrator” roles in the setup form.

Ready to take control? Visit our online EBSCO eBook Manager resource center to watch the replays of live demonstrations and review step-by-step instructions.

Take Your E-Book Collection to New Heights!

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