Building an open research infrastructure is at the forefront of many academic institutions’ plans, as they support the research process and introduce new ways to interact with research outputs. Many institutions are looking at ways to ensure the are using F.A.I.R data principles that focus on Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. Code Ocean and are tools that can be leveraged by researchers that align directly with the European Union’s (EU) report of improving reproducibility.

Code Ocean and are open research infrastructure platforms created by researcher for researchers to start to build their work and access open content (when made public). Researchers can openly explore and access research outputs across many different disciplines including BioChemistry, Economics and Engineering published on code capsules created on Code Ocean and via Subscribing institutions benefit from additional management, support, interoperability benefits while being able to provide open research tools to support their researchers in adopting open practices. These tools can also be used in teaching and learning throughout a university, ensuring students, post graduate and career researchers are developing their skills using open research infrastructure tools. 

In these short webinars, EBSCO outlines the changing nature of the language used in research and how research outputs have evolved from static to interactive dynamic content. Code Ocean and provide tools for researchers to use within their daily work that fit with new publishing workflows, without having to create something new just for publishing or dissemination.

Open Research Methods: Collaboration, Publishing and Infrastructure

The information below can be added to research data management websites, giving researchers options to adopt these new tools. 

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Open Research: Computational Analysis - Infrastructure, Collaboration and Publishing