With the changes coming in browser privacy settings, and cyber security issues impacting how libraries access their electronic resources (particularly those who do not have remote authentication methods), here are five reasons why OpenAthens Single Sign-On is your best solution in combating these challenges.

1. Simplify access to your library’s resources: Our single sign-on approach allows you easy access with one username and password; making it easier for you to authenticate once and access all your e-resources. Saving you time and frustration.

2. Secure access: Only your authenticated library patrons can access your e-resources, helping institutions meet data protection governance and compliance requirements including GDPR, VPAT and ISO 27001. In addition to users signing into all e-resources using a single account, data attributes on that account - such as roles or group attributes - can be used to permit or restrict access to individual e-resources. This puts control over who can access what in the library's control.

Only your authenticated library patrons can access your e-resources, helping institutions meet data protection governance and compliance requirements.

3. Reduce implementation times: Currently setting up with publishers can cause delays due to communication difficulties. EBSCO offers a gold-standard, white-glove implementation service to our OpenAthens customers. When a library adopts OpenAthens through EBSCO, EBSCO does outreach to all e-resource vendors for initial implementation and offers vendor outreach for the lifetime of the OpenAthens subscription. This means libraries can spend more time on their priorities rather than following up with vendor support teams.

4. Access the documentation you need, when you need it: Our user-friendly documentation and reporting has capabilities to enhance your reporting through extended tracking and support. Extensive documentation, training, and cross-product interoperability: EBSCO Connect documentation and EBSCO Academy e-learning tools are designed to make OpenAthens usage and management easier for your library, pulling from EBSCO's extensive experience implementing and supporting authentication for libraries. EBSCO products seamlessly interoperate with OpenAthens, such as the powerful reporting insights delivered by the Panorama and OpenAthens integration.

5. OpenAthens offers value: It's the only product in most markets that combines SAML-based SSO with IP proxy. With one purchase/subscription, organizations can simplify their user experience for both administrators and end users. Our experts at every stage of the decision-making and deployment processes ensure the solution is fit for purpose. Our subscription model ensures a complete solution so library staff and organizational IT can spend time on other tasks.