The Stacks platform was built under the philosophy that knowledge is power. Information should be easy to access, and librarians should have full control over how they share their libraries’ information through their websites daily. Here are five reasons why Stacks is essential to your library’s performance: 

  1. User Experience: Stacks makes it easier to take the online experience and simplify it for your users. Stacks is solution-driven, enabling library staff to provide the most optimal desktop and mobile user experience for the communities they serve, while also getting the most utilization out of the content, tools, programs, events, collections, and other resources the library offers. 
  1. Administration & Support: Stacks is built by librarians for librarians so the administration, design and site updates can all be done by you and your team without the need for technical experience. Stacks can quickly integrate with all of your existing library systems, collections, and everything in between with an easy-to-use administrative dashboard and just the right amount of Stacks professional services support. EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) subscribers may seamlessly integrate the EDS search experience with Stacks providing a true single-search for all your library’s catalog and e-resources. 
Screenshot of Stacks in computer sitting on desk
  1. Access for All: Stacks is a digital library platform that powers some of the biggest and greatest institutions around the world. Stacks has an accessibility team dedicated to ensuring that we are meeting and exceeding all 508 requirements, so patrons with disabilities can still have a great online experience, and your institution meets state and federal laws both now and in the future. 
  1. Security: Stacks security philosophy uses industry-leading technology and security standards. Ensuring your information is safe and secure is paramount for any organization. Stacks was built to prevent the worst from happening by providing a secure Content Management System (CMS) and application framework with robust security. Organizations around the world rely on Stacks to protect them from the most critical internet vulnerabilities in the world. 
  1. For Every Institution Big and Small: No library or project is too big or too small for Stacks. Stacks Solutions can be configured and personalized regardless of size, bringing the level of service suitable for the job. Knowledge has no limits or constraints.