Currently, there is a great demand for mental health treatment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; according to a 2022 COVID-19 Practitioner Impact Survey, the demand for anxiety and depression treatment remained high for the third consecutive year, while the need to treat trauma and stressor-related disorders and substance use disorders has also grown. Therapist practitioners and those who support them are struggling to meet the rising demand for comprehensive mental health treatment.

Four challenges can hinder psychotherapy training:

  1. The development of new training programs is time consuming.
  2. In-person training can be expensive.
  3. Finding high-quality training resources that cover specific therapy practices can be difficult.
  4. Identifying training opportunities geared toward specific populations is tricky.

We recently hosted a webinar focused on those challenges. Through a product demonstration and Q&A, EBSCO Senior Product Manager for APA Databases, Margaret Richter, MLS, PhD, and APA Training & Support Specialist, Marta Soto, MLIS, showed the ways APA PsycTherapy addresses those challenges:

  • With a subscription to APA PsycTherapy, graduates and postgraduates in clinical training and counselor education programs can access candid psychotherapy videos featuring hundreds of known therapists.
  • APA PsycTherapy offers more than 900 videos that illustrate various treatment approaches.
  • On-platform, users can search for content by utilizing limiters and filters such as ‘Therapist’ and ‘Title’ to find videos specific to a certain psychologist or type of psychotherapy training.
  • Materials produced by the APA, such as APA PsycTherapy, are created by experts in the field.
  • The APA PsycTherapy Teaching Guide provides step-by-step exercises and suggested videos for the classroom and other training settings.
  • APA PsycTherapy training content embodies APA's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, including videos featuring therapists of color as well as patients with disabilities, gender and sexual diversity, aging populations and more.

If your institution’s clinical training or counselor education program could benefit from APA PsycTherapy, please request a free trial. The full webinar is available on demand and provides deeper insight into this unique tool.