With over 1,200 magazines to choose from, Flipster has titles that appeal to a wide variety of ages, interests and research goals. While your library patrons may be aware of their access to digital magazines, they may not know how diverse their digital magazine options are. Check out our tips below on spreading awareness within your library and online about your digital magazine collection.

Bring awareness with printed promotional materials

Although in our current technological world many marketing efforts have moved online, utilizing printed marketing materials in your library is still a great way to promote awareness and usage, especially for patrons just starting their digital magazine journey.

  • Posters – Download, print and hang our colorful posters in your library to remind or introduce patrons to the world of digital magazines and their benefits.
  • Table Tents and Rack Cards – Table tents and rack cards are a great way to make sure patrons are aware of their access to digital magazines. Don’t forget to customize these with popular magazine titles or your library’s access information and logo.
  • Bookmarks – No library is complete without free bookmarks for patrons! Navigate to our promotional site to choose the bookmark suited for your library market and provide patrons with an easy, practical reminder about their digital magazine access ability.
  • Access Cards - Ensure patrons are not only aware of their access to digital magazines but also ensure they know how to access magazines through your library with printed access cards.
  • Stickers - Still have hardcopy magazines available in your library? Some patrons may not know about the ease, accessibility perks and reduction of germ-spread that come with digital magazines. Use Avery blank, custom sticker label sheets to easily print our ready-made stickers. Once printed, add these stickers to your hardcopy magazines so patrons know about their ability to access the same magazine digitally. 
  • Handouts - Customize these handouts with your most popular digital magazine titles and make available throughout your library to build interest and generate awareness. 

Build buzz with social media

Does your library have social media accounts? Do you utilize hashtags so patrons can find you on social media when searching for digital magazines? Make your life easier with our premade social media images for academic, corporate, medical, public and k12 markets. Here are some ideas for copy to include in your post as well:

  • Did you know you can access digital magazines from virtually anywhere? From accessibility benefits to offline access options, #Flipster digital magazines come with many perks. Learn more about our collection and discover your new favorite title here: _______________
  • Have you explored our collection of #Flipster Digital Magazines? Discover top titles like ____ and ____ through our website: _______________
  • Whether finding a new favorite hobby or beginning a research project, we’ve got the digital magazines you’re looking for! Explore popular #Flipster digital magazine titles here: _______________

For more Flipster content, navigate to EBSCO Information Service’s social media pages and bring fresh marketing content to your patrons with the click of the share button.

Experiment with newsletters and email marketing

Email marketing can be a great way to engage patrons and remind them about their access options through your library.

     Monthly Newsletter

  • Does your library have a monthly newsletter patrons sign-up for? This is a great place to highlight new digital magazines you’ve added to your collection.
  • Pro Tip: Include magazine cover images when highlighting magazine titles. Magazine covers are made to market themselves so it’s important to promote them visually to your patrons.

     National Holidays and Monthly Celebrations

  • Holidays and National Monthly Celebrations are a great opportunity to connect with patrons and highlight new magazines they may be interested in. For example, during National Hispanic Heritage Month, patrons might be interested in Flipster titles like Newsweek en Español, Latino Leaders, Hola, Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine, Publishers Weekly en Español and many more.
  • Looking to highlight notable EBSCO eBooks as well as Flipster digital magazines? Share our monthly DEI poster via email or by blog for an easy way to highlight DEI initiatives at your library. Navigate to the Flipster home page to locate our monthly DEI poster with curated picks from EBSCO experts.

Generate awareness on your library’s website

Your library’s website is the perfect place to market new content and help patrons find their next favorite digital magazine.

  • Make sure to display the same handouts and posters you customized and printed for your library on your website so patrons can access easily and at any time. You never know when seeing the right magazine cover may prompt a new interest, reignite an old one or inspire a new idea!
  • Have you added the new Flipster logo and Flipster product buttons to your website? These are a great way to draw attention to digital magazines on your website and ensure patrons aren’t missing out.
  • Blog writing is also a great way to engage patrons with interesting content and give them ideas on what resources your library currently offers that they may be unaware of. Check out EBSCOpost to find a wide variety of blog posts about all EBSCO resources including digital magazines. To share an EBSCO blog on your library’s social channels, navigate to the right hand, vertical tool bar on the blog for easy sharing.

With ready-made promotional materials, social content ideas and more, marketing digital magazines to your patrons does not need to be a challenge and can help promote usage in your library.

Flipster also received the highest platinum distinction from the Modern Library Awards  (MLA) for the sixth year in a row. Created by LibraryWorks and judged by librarians, the MLAs recognize the top products in the library industry.

Choose from more than 1,200 digital magazines on a variety of topics or add to your existing collection using EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM). In addition to a variety of magazines and unique titles, Flipster is committed to high accessibility standards with the goal of providing a positive reading experience for everyone.

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