The Modern Library Awards aim to recognize top products in the library marketplace. More than 80,000 library professionals in the LibraryWorks readership vote on products in categories such as library hardware, software and automation services. Librarians rate each product’s quality, functionality, value and customer service experience.

This year, each of LearningExpress’s PrepSTEP products received a Modern Library Award. It was a first-time achievement for PrepSTEP for High Schools and a repeat win for the two college editions. PrepSTEP is a dynamic online learning platform that is packed with tutorials, practice tests, articles and e-books for self-guided skill building, standardized test preparation, career development and more.

PrepSTEP for High Schools, which has Common Core, Non-Common Core editions available, received a Platinum Award. The product’s career exploration resources and practice tests for standardized exams, such as the SAT® and the ACT®, were among the product’s most valued content.

One judge praised the ability of students to choose how they practice for high-stakes tests: in learner mode, untimed or timed — to simulate a live test environment.

“At my campus, Learner Mode is used to do testing tutorials. Each student answers the question individually,” said the judge. “Then, as a class, they discuss the correct answer and how it was determined. This helps our students build problem solving skills and deepens their learning.”

Another judge agreed, saying “PrepSTEP for High Schools is an excellent product with many unique features that are highly beneficial to our students. Many of our students who were struggling to pass some of the state tests were finally successful after utilizing the test prep features.”

A third judge noted that PrepSTEP for High Schools consistently maintains superior functionality across browsers and praised LearningExpress’s “small company” customer service and support.

PrepSTEP for Community Colleges also received a Platinum Award. The product can help community college students improve foundational and core academic skills, score higher on college placement tests, prepare for occupational licensing exams and more.

“I've enjoyed using [PrepSTEP for Community Colleges] in my Canvas course and sharing the platform with students in my class and students that come in the library for assistance,” one judge stated. “The students are always impressed by the content in the various subjects.”

Rounding out the Modern Library Award trifecta is PrepSTEP for Colleges & Universities which received a Gold Award.

Said one judge, “The content is excellent, and I know that is valued by our advisors and tutors.”