A library’s discovery service comes with the option to customize and configure many aspects — from the branding to the content, to the display of full-text links.

EBSCO recognizes that research needs change, as does the composition of a library’s resources. Recently, we walked customers through a webinar which provided the opportunity for discovery service administrators to learn more about optimizing the experience for their users.

Using EBSCOadmin, library administrators learned about the tools available to customize the experience and provide users with the best full-text link for their collections.

In this session, EBSCO’s Library Service Engineer team discussed the following:

  • The value of full-text link choice to make it fast and easy for users to get the best possible version of full text
  • The tools available for setting up links and ordering them to meet user needs.
  • The importance of continual review of a library’s discovery implementation.

Watch the webinar replay to learn more about the value of full-text linking and how EBSCO can help to embrace the concept of “fair linking.”