In March 2020, IBM Watson Health and EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) announced a collaboration aimed toward enhancing clinical decision support (CDS) and operations for healthcare providers and health systems. The companies combined their respective platforms — DynaMed® and IBM® Micromedex® with Watson™  — into one solution designed to bring together drug and disease content to help inform clinical decisions.

In an episode of “Pharmacy Talk with IBM Watson Health” on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Enhance Care Decision Making with Evidence and AI, industry leaders from IBM Watson Health and EBSCO explore how AI has been applied in medicine and how it has (and can be) applied to clinical decision support tools. How can AI help surface insights that can help clinicians make efficient, informed decisions? And can clinicians really trust the power of AI to help support their decision-making process and conversations with patients?

Podcast guests include Alan Ehrlich, Executive Editor at DynaMed and an Associate Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Eileen Yoshida, Deputy Editor of Medication and Clinical Informatics, EBSCO Information Services, and Dr. Rick Francis, Chief Health Officer at IBM Watson Health.

Guests discussed trending issues including AI in telemedicine, useful applications for AI in the pharmacy world and how to use machine learning as an educational tool. To hear the full podcast, visit the Pharmacy Podcast Network.