EBSCO provides a diverse collection of information resources for various governmental agencies and branches. For the convenience of our U.S. Government Library customers, EBSCO offers specialized marketing, sales and service for those libraries using FEDLINK or GSA. By teaming with FEDLINK and GSA, purchasing from EBSCO is made simple. Our longstanding experience with these services has allowed us to understand and assist our customers with federal procurement policies, procedures, issues and regulations in order to provide the highest level of customer service to government libraries.

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To learn more about FEDLINK, visit:

To learn more about GSA, visit:

EBSCO can be found on GSA Advantage, the online procurement source for Federal Government employees. To learn more, or to use this source, visit:

If you have any questions regarding any EBSCO services, please contact an EBSCO Government representative at: (800) 653-2726, or send an e-mail to

EBSCO’s Information

EBSCO’s FEDLINK Service ID for EBSCOhost is: EH

  • LC/FEDLINK IDIQ is: LC 09D7041
  • Transfer or Direct Express Options

EBSCO’s GSA Contract number is: GS-02F-1402H

EBSCO’s Cage Code is: 002M2

EBSCO’s DUNS code is: 17-574-5595