EBSCO Information Services Introduces Ethnic Diversity Source™

~ New Full-Text Resource to Support Researchers in Ethnic and Racial Diversity Studies ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — August 17, 2021 In a continuing effort to offer full-text resources that support libraries and collection needs, EBSCO Information Services has released Ethnic Diversity Source. The new full-text resource is dedicated to covering racial diversity and supports universities and colleges with ethnic studies and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs.

Ethnic Diversity Source covers culture, social treatment and lived experiences of underrepresented groups across North America, including but not limited to: African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Jewish Americans, Latinx Americans, Native Americans and Multiracial Americans. The curated resource is comprised of a wide variety of sources including scholarly journals and magazines, primary sources, historical documents, interviews and biographies, as well as robust collections of e-books and videos aligned to represent marginalized populations in North America.

This unique resource supports researchers by helping them to discover ethnic studies concepts, discuss ethnicity and race, and think critically about how current events are influenced by history and politics. Ethnic Diversity Source enables researchers to explore the crossroads of oppression and justice and apply social context to anti-racist studies. The rich variety of source types creates a dynamic research experience for all users.

EBSCO Information Services Senior Vice President of Research Databases Sara Earley says EBSCO recognizes the importance of constantly improving strategies and products to deliver pertinent and relevant resources that best fits the needs of our customers. “EBSCO is committed to making diverse content available in all of our research database products and to include authors and topics that represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences as we add new content. The study of ethnicity in North America has become an increasingly important field of study according to customer feedback. Ethnic Diversity Source was specifically developed to meet this need and offers researchers a dedicated, stand-alone resource for ethnic diversity scholarship.”

For more information on Ethnic Diversity Source and other diversity, equity and inclusion research databases, including African American Historical Serials Collection, Bibliography of Asian Studies, Caribbean Search, Ebony Magazine Archive, Central & Eastern European Academic Source, Jewish Studies Source, LGBTQ+ Source and Women’s Studies International visit: https://www.ebsco.com/products/diversity-equity-and-inclusion-resources

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