Ethnic Diversity Source covers culture, traditions, social treatment and lived experiences of:

  • African Americans
  • Arab Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • European Americans
  • Jewish Americans
  • Latinx Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Multiracial Americans

Ethnic Diversity Source is a robust resource for diversity and ethnic studies that stands out for its rich array of books, journals, newspapers, primary sources, and other materials.

Library Journal

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Read the full Library Journal review. This review was first published on Library Journal’s March 2022 Reference eReviews and is posted with their permission.

A Wide Variety of Sources 

In addition to active full-text journals, magazines and newspapers, Ethnic Diversity Source curates and provides full text from a wide variety of sources including: 

  • 5,400+ full-text e-books
  • 2,200 full-text biographies
  • Tens of thousands of full-text historical documents
    • 30,000+ full-text speeches
    • 10,000+ full-text interviews
    • 7,000+ full-text letters
  • 1,200+ relevant, curated videos from the Associated Press