EBSCONET Analytics

EBSCONET Analytics is the only analysis tool that puts decision-making data directly into the application where you manage your subscriptions.

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Instant access to the data you need

Bring your usage data to life. Order your e-journals and e-packages through EBSCO and get instant access to the data you need to quickly evaluate your collection.

  • Get at-a-glance assessments of a title, e-package, or entire collection
  • View results in easy-to-read dashboards
  • Generate detailed reports to share
  • Customize views based on specific priorities and preferences
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Get greater insight with EBSCO Usage Consolidation

Understanding usage is critical for making informed collection decisions. When you subscribe to EBSCO Usage Consolidation, you have access to an even more informative dashboard of data, including cost-per-use.

Learn more about Usage Consolidation
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Ready to simplify your e-collection decisions with EBSCONET Analytics?