Level Up Your Workflow Video Series by GOBI Library Solutions

When it comes to book acquisition in academic libraries one library workflow doesn’t fit all. That’s why GOBI Library Solutions offers an assortment of book acquisition models, customizable, best-in-class collection development support services and a wide variety of platform partners to meet a broad spectrum of needs. Learn more about what makes GOBI unique by watching our video series.


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GOBI Evidence-Based Acquisitions: How to Develop User-Centered Book Collections

Senior Collection Development Manager, Jenny Hudson, reviews trends in Evidence-Based Acquisitions (EBA) in libraries, the benefits of these programs, how to get an EBA program started, the data that is delivered upon completion of an EBA program and why GOBI is a preferred choice among academic institutions.

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GOBI Award Plans: Enhance Your Library's Collection of Award-Winning Books

Sales Profile Manager, Amy Lana, describes GOBI Awards plans and provides examples of how these plans have helped libraries identify titles that may otherwise not fit their standard approval plans. She also covers the types of Awards that can be acquired through GOBI and offers advice about how to customize a plan.

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eCollections: Presented by Laura Zusman Foss

GOBI eCollections: Optimize Your Library’s Investment in Electronic Content

Senior Collection Development Manager, Laura Zusman Foss, reviews the benefits of eCollections (predefined groups of e-books that libraries can purchase at a discounted rate compared to buying individual titles), what libraries should look for when purchasing publisher eCollections and how to purchase eCollections in GOBI.

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Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) presented by Amy Lana

GOBI Demand-Driven Acquisitions (DDA): Acquire Books Based on Usage and Demand

GOBI DDA programs can help libraries optimize their e-book collections and budgetary resources while providing users with efficient access to relevant e-books. Learn more about DDA programs and how they work from GOBI Sales Profile Manager, Amy Lana.

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