GOBI Award Plans: Enhance Your Library's Collection of Award-Winning Books


The GOBI Awards Program provides a valuable resource for librarians to enrich their collections, discover exceptional titles, and fulfill their patrons' diverse reading needs. It's a powerful solution for librarians seeking to add high-quality, award-winning titles to their collections.

In this video, Sales Profile Manager Amy Lana describes GOBI awards programs and provides examples of how these plans have helped libraries identify titles that may otherwise not fit their standard approval plans. She also covers the types of Awards that can be acquired through GOBI and offers advice about how to customize a plan.

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To get an awards program started for your library please contact your GOBI representative or request more information at gobisalesquestions@ybp.com.

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GOBI Award Plans: Enhance Your Library's Collection of Award-Winning Books

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Hello, I'm Amy Lana, GOBI Sales Profile Manager. I've been part of the GOBI Collection Development Team for ten years, working with libraries in the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong. I’m pleased to be here today to tell you about the GOBI Awards programs. GOBI awards programs are designed to deliver titles recognized for their quality to your library. We offer programs for adult awards and for children's, including young adult awards. Awards can be used to bolster your collection of academic titles in support of current programs, which might not be covered in a standard approval plan or offer materials for supplementary collections such as leisure reading. These acclaimed titles can also help broaden the worldview of your patrons, offering insights into other countries and cultures. GOBI Awards can be shipped automatically to your library, or you can receive notifications of titles from which you can choose purchases or a combination of both. Some awards can be shipped automatically while you make the purchase decisions for other awards. GOBI handles awards from multiple countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The subject matter is wide ranging. For example, adult awards range from such offerings as the Canadian Aboriginal History Book Prize and the E. Jean Smith Inner Asia Book Prize to the Sisters in Crime Australia Association’s Davitt Awards and the Bram Stoker Awards. Likewise, children's awards are available for educational materials such as that from the ALA Black Caucus Children's and Youth Literacy Awards to the renowned Carnegie and Newbery Medals to the Ignyte Awards, which were just included in the children's program this year. This wide ranging set of awards means you choose the scope of your program. You can focus an awards program on supporting an academic program such as business or choose non-academic material. Examples of focused programs libraries have created include those for pop fiction, cookbooks, young adult reading, and diverse voices. This ability to tailor a program to your needs is made possible in part by the sheer number of awards handled by GOBI. We offer 297 adult awards and 140 children's awards, representing almost 1000 award categories. Over 175 of our libraries have set up programs. Some of the awards included in their plans are ones they've suggested because, yes, we will accept suggestions for awards to add to the programs. We have a bi-annual consideration process to determine whether an award will be a good fit for us and our libraries. If you have any questions about the awards programs or would like to suggest we include an award in the programs, please contact your GOBI representative or email gobisalesquestions@ybp.com. If you would like to keep up to date with all things GOBI, please subscribe to our newsletter at the URL shown here.

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