Maclean's Magazine Archive

Maclean’s Magazine Archive, 1905-2015, is a digital collection of the leading Canadian news and general interest magazine. Providing a unique perspective on national and international news and culture, the magazine covers investigative reporting, opinion and analysis on politics, economics, technology and more.

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Content Includes:

  • More than 3,300 issues
  • Coverage from 1905 to 2015

Subjects Include:

  • North American history
  • International news
  • Politics and law
  • Business and advertising
  • Popular culture and trends
  • Journalism

Maclean’s Magazine Archive is valuable to researchers of 20th-Century current events, gender issues, politics and culture, the history of business, advertising and more.


  • Cover-to-cover processing presents each issue in its entirety as originally published
  • Articles and cover pages are fully indexed
  • Advertisements are fully searchable

Predecessor Titles:

  • The Business Magazine, 1905. 
  • The Busy Man's Magazine, 1905-1911. 
  • Maclean's, 1911-2015. 

Research 20th-Century Events, Politics and Culture

Cover: Macleans - January 2014
January 2014
Cover: Macleans - September 1985
September 1985
Cover: Macleans Magazine Archive
June 1942