Panorama's Data Security and Privacy

Panorama adheres to privacy standards and best practices. We will work with your library to ensure effective data security.


How secure is your library data?

Panorama offers a comprehensive strategy to secure library analytics. Your library’s data is stored in a secured AWS / Snowflake cloud environment. These networks are architected to protect information, devices and identities. In addition, our team can work with you to understand your institution’s privacy regulations to ensure they are upheld.


Safe-guarding your library data, now and beyond

Our implementation and product teams will ensure that your data remains secure while following specific privacy regulations both within your academic institution and within your region. Only secure data connections are used to load customer data and data is encrypted at rest. Users who access the Panorama platform must log in via a secure portal.

Tell a story without compromising data

By leveraging both library and campus systems and maintaining user privacy, libraries can demonstrate their influence on student success without jeopardizing personal data.

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