Resources for Critical Analysis

Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre covers hundreds of topics, each with an overview (objective background/description), point (argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument).

Each topic features a Guide to Critical Analysis which helps the reader evaluate the controversy and enhances students’ ability to read critically, develop their own perspective on the issues and write or debate an effective argument.

    Available in its own user-friendly interface, Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre contains a balance of materials from all viewpoints, including: 

    • Leading political magazines from all sides of the political spectrum
    • Newspapers
    • Radio and television news transcripts
    • Primary source documents
    • Reference books
    • Blog content, including Pro Publica

    The database also offers related images and supplementary research guides for writing position papers, developing arguments and debating.

    Newest Topics Include:

    • Anti-Corruption in Australia
    • Gene Editing
    • Housing Affordability Crisis
    • New Zealand as a Republic
    • Press Freedom
    • Supply Chain
    • Ukraine
    • Water Infrastructure in New Zealand
    • Wind Power
    • Women in Politics

    School Curriculum Support

    Educators using Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre will find resources for enhancing curriculum delivery across disciplines. Here are a few learning objectives that the content in this database can support:

    Australian Curriculum

    • Comprehend multi-modal texts through listening, reading and viewing
    • Link and summarise information from different sources
    • Identify embedded perspectives and evaluate supporting evidence

    New Zealand Curriculum

    • Understand how texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences
    • Understand ideas within, across and beyond texts
    • Integrate sources of information, processes, and strategies to identify, form and express ideas