Catering to the Research Needs of Australia and New Zealand

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre provides full text for leading Australia/New Zealand magazines, newspapers and newswires.

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre can be accessed via EBSCOhost or Explora, EBSCO's dedicated interface for schools and public libraries.

Secondary School Curriculum Support

Educators using Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre will find a variety of text types (source types) to enhance curriculum delivery across disciplines. Here are a few learning objectives that the content in this database can support:

Australian Curriculum:

  • Comprehend multi-modal texts through listening, reading and viewing
  • Link and summarise information from different sources
  • Identify embedded perspectives and evaluate supporting evidence

New Zealand Curriculum:

  • Understand how texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences
  • Understand ideas within, across, and beyond texts
  • Integrate sources of information, processes and strategies to identify, form and express ideas