Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center

Designed for continuity experts and information professionals, this full-text database covers all aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). 

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Subject Area: Business Reference

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Content Includes

  • Nearly 250 full-text publications
  • Cover-to-cover indexing for more than 260 publications
  • Hundreds of thousands of records with subject headings from an extensive thesaurus

Subjects Include

  • Business continuity management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Business impact analysis 
  • Contingency auditing 
  • Crisis communications
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Emergency preparedness 
  • Regulatory issues 
  • Risk evaluation 
  • Strategic planning

The Definitive Resource for BC/DR Management

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center offers cover-to-cover indexing for journals, monographs, magazines and trade publications, all with a strong focus on BC/DR and closely aligned issues. This database also features hundreds of thousands of additional BC/DR-focused articles, benchmarks and best practices selected from hundreds of leading trade and industry publications. 

Quick, Easy Access to Quality Content

Records within this easy-to-navigate interface are sorted under subject headings from an extensive thesaurus, allowing users to find critical information quickly and easily. Many full text records featured in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center come complete with images, tables, charts and other graphical information, providing users with the highest quality content. Additionally, content is updated on a weekly basis to incorporate new materials.

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