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Business Source Corporate Plus provides full-text coverage of business magazines, journals and trade publications, many of which are unique and unavailable through other online resources. In addition, same-day currency is available for top newspapers.

The active, full-text, non-open access journal retail value (USD) of Business Source Corporate Plus is $1,217,225.36. 

Full-Text Business Content

Full-Text Non-Journal Content
Case Studies – Business
Company Profiles / Information Records
Conference Papers / Proceedings Collections
Country Economic Reports, Reviews, Studies, and Surveys
Industry Reports
Market Research Reports
Product Reviews
SWOT Analyses
Case Studies – Business: 15,703
Company Profiles / Information Records: 1,178,500+
Conference Papers / Proceedings Collections: 119
Country Economic Reports, Reviews, Studies, and Surveys: 1,190
Industry Reports: 13,436
Market Research Reports: 2,422
Product Reviews: 454,014
SWOT Analyses: 5,647

Company Information

The Company View feature of Business Source Corporate Plus offers information on 1.15 million companies including complete hierarchical corporate families.

Companies are linked to all Business Source Corporate Plus article-level content, including MarketLine’s company profiles and SWOT analyses, market and industry reports, books and journals.

Current News View

Unique to Business Source Corporate Plus, the Current News View component offers critical news content with ongoing updates throughout the day. News sources include Associated Press, CNBC, CNN, NPR, Reuters and BusinessWire.

It also includes more than 1.5 million TV and radio news transcripts from sources including Bloomberg Transcripts, NBR Nightly Business Report and more.