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This package offers the most comprehensive collection of full-text reference resources available for secondary schools. Consisting of six databases to support classroom success, it is designed not only for students, but also for the research needs of educators.

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Six Databases to Support Classroom Success

  • MAS Complete: This resource contains complete articles from popular high school magazines and reference books, as well as biographies and primary source documents.
  • Newspaper Source Plus: This database provides a comprehensive collection of the world's major news content and includes articles from newspapers, newswires and news magazines.
  • Consumer Health Complete: This database offers health and science classes a well-rounded collection of articles, images and animations about a variety of health-related topics.
  • TOPICsearch: Teachers, librarians and student researchers can use this database to explore current events, social, political and economic issues, scientific discoveries, and other popular topics.
  • Education Research Complete: This bibliographic and full-text database covers scholarly research relating to all areas of education.
  • ERIC: The Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) provides access to educational literature and resources.

Complete Online Package databases can be accessed via EBSCOhost or Explora, EBSCO's dedicated interface for schools and public libraries.