An Eye-Opening Look at 10 Genocides

An essential companion to coursework in world history, Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences dedicates itself to the understanding of a topic humanity cannot afford to ignore.

Sensitive coverage of 10 modern genocides supports the development of students as global citizens and critical thinkers. Primary sources and historical perspectives serve as springboards for discussions on human rights, international law, and modern-day prejudice.

Topic Centers Include:

  • Herero Genocide: 1904–1907
  • Armenian Genocide: 1915–1923
  • Holocaust: 1933–1945
  • Cambodian Genocide: 1975–1979
  • East Timor Genocide: 1975–1999
  • Guatemalan Genocide: 1981–1983
  • Kurdish Genocide: 1986–1989
  • Bosnian Genocide: 1992–1995
  • Rwandan Genocide: 1994
  • Darfur Genocide: 2003–Present