Explore Political and Cultural Shifts Across Modern History

World History: The Modern Era takes students on a journey through the events, movements, and turning points that have shaped the modern world. Rich primary and secondary sources illustrate each chapter of modern world history, from the age of exploration to the Scientific Revolution. A global perspective spanning developments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world helps students understand the interconnectedness of the historical experience and modern global issues.

Topic Centers Include: 

  • The Emergence of Modern Europe: 1500–1700
  • The World Beyond Europe: 1500–1776
  • The Age of Reason: 1700–1800
  • A Time of Revolutions: 1776–1825
  • Spheres of Influence: 1776–1914
  • The Rise of Nationalism: 1815-1914
  • The Power of the Industrial Revolution: 1800–1914
  • The World at War: 1914–1945
  • The Cold War: 1945–1991
  • A New Millennium: 1991–Present