Public Affairs Index

Public Affairs Index is a bibliographic database covering all aspects of national and global public policy issues, including public health, the environment, housing, civil rights and international commerce. It includes thousands of indexed journals, conference papers, trade publications and government documents. 

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At a Glance

Subject Area: Political Science
Ideal For: Academic LibrariesCorporations

Title List:
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Content Includes

  • 2,182 active indexed journals 
  • 1,662 active peer-reviewed indexed journals

Subjects Include

  • Banking and public finance
  • Criminal justice
  • Economic policy and taxation
  • Education and education policy
  • Emigration and immigration
  • Energy and energy policy
  • Ethics
  • Government
  • Humanitarian issues
  • Industry and labor
  • Law and legislation
  • Natural disasters and poverty
  • Politics and elections
  • Social policy
  • Transportation

A Variety of Source Types

Public Affairs Index draws from a diverse array of carefully selected scholarly journals, conference papers, trade publications and government documents. It provides up-to-date information on a broad range of public policy topics of concern to the world today.