Political Science

Research Databases

International Political Science Abstracts

International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA), produced by the International Political Science Association, provides non-evaluative abstracts of articles in the field of political science published in journals and yearbooks around the world.

International Security & Counter-Terrorism Reference Center   ·  Full Text

International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center is the definitive intelligence database for security and threat analysis. Essential for security analysts and researchers, it provides full-text articles, news feeds, reports, books and summaries covering regional conflict, terrorism, domestic security and risk management options.

The Left Index

The Left Index is a bibliographic database covering the diverse literature of the left, with an emphasis on political, economic, social and cultural scholarship inside and outside academia. It includes hundreds of thousands of citations and abstracts and covers historically significant left publications. 

Peace Research Abstracts

Peace Research Abstracts is a bibliographic database essential for peace and conflict resolution research. It indexes thousands of journal articles and other sources covering peace-related topics, including nonviolence, war, international affairs and peace psychology. 

Public Administration Abstracts

Public Administration Abstracts is a bibliographic database covering the essential areas of public administration, including public administration theory, administrative structures and social services. It contains thousands of records carefully selected from the most important sources in the discipline. 

Public Affairs Index

Public Affairs Index is a bibliographic database covering all aspects of national and global public policy issues, including public health, the environment, housing, civil rights and international commerce. It includes thousands of indexed journals, conference papers, trade publications and government documents. 

Historical Digital Archives

National Review Magazine Archive

National Review Archive offers complete indexing, abstracting and full text for the magazine dating back to the first issue in 1955. National Review has been an important American journal of opinion and has consistently provided readers with well-reasoned editorial commentary on critical issues. 

The New Republic Magazine Archive

The New Republic Magazine Archive is a digital collection of the prominent political and cultural opinion magazine, covering issues dating back to 1914. Providing full-text, indexing and abstracting, the archive is an essential tool for researchers of American politics, foreign policy, culture and arts. 

The Nation Magazine Archive

The Nation Archive makes it possible for researchers to access 14 decades of America's best alternative journalism in ways never before possible. The archive contains thousands of historic articles, editorials, letters, reviews, poems, and puzzles dating back to the magazine's first issue from July 6, 1865.