Help Students Develop Research and Digital Literacy Skills

Provide students easy access to reliable online information — anytime, anywhere, from any computer or mobile device. UK & Ireland Reference Centre’s intuitive search and retrieval options, including source type and subject limiters, enable students to quickly locate relevant resources and feel more successful in their research.

UK & Ireland Reference Centre Includes:

  • Full-text articles (from magazines, newspapers, reference books, biographies and more) that reflect multiple perspectives, encourage critical thinking and promote cultural understanding
  • Popular regional publications including New Statesman, The Times (London), The Sun and The Daily Mail as well as international content from Time, Consumer Reports, National Geographic and Newsweek Global
  • Multimedia content such as photos, maps, graphs, charts, and images to enhance teaching and learning

Productivity Tools Include: 

  • Google Drive and Google Classroom integrations for easy saving and sharing of content
  • Text-to-speech for HTML articles to support struggling readers, auditory learners and those developing English-language proficiency
  • Citation tool to help students format references

UK & Ireland Reference Centre is available via EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCOhost or Explora, EBSCO's dedicated interface for schools and public libraries.