Six Databases to Support Classroom Success

Ultra Online Package includes six databases to support high school student research and classroom instruction:

In addition to full-text magazines, journals, newspapers, and e-books, Ultra Online Package includes:

  • 55,000+ primary source documents
  • 77,000+ videos from the Associated Press
  • 62,000+ biographies
  • 2 million+ photos, illustrations, maps and flags

Full Text for Popular Magazines

Ultra Online Package provides ongoing full text for popular magazines coving a wide range of subject areas relevant to high school students. Notable full-text magazines include:

  • Archaeology
  • Educational Leadership
  • Health
  • History Today
  • The Nation
  • New Republic
  • New Scientist
  • Sports Illustrated
  • TIME

Content for Educators

Professional Development Collection is a highly specialized collection is designed for professional educators, professional librarians and education researchers.

In addition, the Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) provides access to education literature and resources.

Compatible with Explora

Ultra Online Package databases can be accessed via EBSCOhost or Explora, EBSCO's dedicated interface for schools and public libraries.