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Book Review Digest Plus   ·  Full Text

This essential library tool provides access to book reviews on a wide range of topics from a variety of sources, including newspapers, review journals and popular magazines. 

Children's Core Collection

The Children’s Core Collection database is the ideal collection development, readers’ advisory and curriculum support resource for educators and librarians working with elementary students. Containing more than 49,000 titles, this rich resource covers fiction and nonfiction works, story collections and picture books recommended for readers in preschool through sixth grade. In addition, it includes professional literature for children's librarians.

Fiction Core Collection

Featuring classic and contemporary works of fiction, this database provides more than 19,000 librarian-recommended titles for a general adult audience. The best authors and their most acclaimed and widely-read works in literary and popular fiction — old and new — are listed, covering genres that include mystery, science fiction, fantasy, Western and romance.

Graphic Novels Core Collection

The growing popularity of graphic novels makes them an increasingly important part of your school or public library's offerings. The Graphic Novels Core Collection database highlights more than 5,000 titles for all ages over three recommendation levels. The collection includes descriptive and evaluative annotations and cover art.

Middle & Junior High Core Collection

For libraries and educators serving readers in grades five through nine, this database provides indispensable help with collection development and maintenance, curriculum support, readers' advisory and general reference. With more than 30,000 recommended titles, the Middle & Junior High Core Collection database covers fiction and nonfiction works for children and adolescents.

Nonfiction Core Collection

This database provides more than 46,000 highly recommended reference and nonfiction books for adults, as well as plays and poetry. It is an ideal resource for developing nonfiction collections at a wide variety of libraries.

Senior High Core Collection

This selective list of books recommended for young people in grades 9 through 12 is invaluable for collection development and maintenance, readers' advisory and curriculum support in the high school library and the young adult section of the public library. With more than 30,000 recommended titles, the Senior High Core Collection database covers fiction and nonfiction works for high school readers.