Offer the Language Program Your Patrons Know

Rosetta Stone offers libraries and their patrons the proven immersion method that thousands of organizations have trusted for more than 25 years. The award-winning interactive approach has been used by millions of learners around the world and now is accessible through the library — anytime, from anywhere. 

With Rosetta Stone Library Solution, patrons get access to:

  • Core lessons to build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Focused activities to refine grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more
  • Mobile apps that enable learners to reinforce language acquisition on-the-go

Rosetta Stone Library Solution helps administrators and database managers get a new program up and running quickly so learners can begin their language journey right away.

Content & Features

  • Live Lessons allow learners to expand their conversational skills by tuning in to a live session with a Rosetta Stone coach.
  • On-Demand Videos help learners delve deeper into concepts and improve fluency by viewing videos that present everyday scenarios. Each video is specific to the language and its culture.
  • Stories extend learning beyond the Rosetta Stone curriculum timeline by helping learners improve their reading, listening and speaking skills. Learners can follow along as they listen or record themselves reading aloud for immediate feedback on pronunciation.
  • Phrasebooks help learners perfect their pronunciation by practicing common phrases. Phrasebooks provide learners with a crash course in speaking a new language before upcoming travel, etc. without having to dig through the curriculum for relevant terms and phrases.
  • Audio Companion enable on-the-go users to practice pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, speaking and conversation.
  • Alphabet allows learners to practice a language’s alphabet at the start of their learning journey. This is especially helpful to learners who are tackling languages where the entire alphabet is made up of characters unfamiliar to them.

Available Languages

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dutch
  • English (American)
  • English (British)
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • French
  • German
  • Greek 
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese