Industry Expertise

When you work with EBSCO, you work with a team with strong ties to libraries and information technology. Our employees contribute knowledge in every step of product development.

Employing experts in library resources and technology

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Technology Experts

We have one of the largest technology teams in the industry with hundreds of employees dedicated to technology and development and dozens of library services engineers.

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EBSCO employs hundreds of librarians to support all areas — from collection development to customer satisfaction. Understanding librarianship is key to aligning our goals with yours.

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Health Care Providers

Our leadership and editorial faculty include hundreds of clinicians, physicians and allied health professionals dedicated to objectively reporting findings and evaluating evidence.

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Subject Matter Specialists

Subject experts create and maintain content to reach and inspire users. This includes writing abstracts and creating subject headings and controlled vocabularies for accurate indexing.

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Curriculum Specialists

Curriculum specialists ensure that EBSCO’s K-12 schools resources meet and exceed curriculum standards worldwide.

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User Researchers

Our dedicated User Research team conducts extensive usability testing to ensure that all EBSCO products offer the best user experience.

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