Assigning recommended reading to students that are available as e-books from an institution’s library is a great way to provide information to students and researchers at no cost. It is a library’s job to make sure the books used in courses are also available as e-books in their library’s collection.

For libraries that purchase assigned and recommended readings through EBSCO eBooks, it’s easy to place these titles on e-reserve using EBSCO eBook Manager.

Watch a short video tutorial below with EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) Vice President of EBSCO eBooks, Scott Wasinger, as he demonstrates how easy it is to find eBooks requested by your faculty, place them on e-reserve, monitor usage and turnaways throughout the semester and remove eBooks from the reserve using the “My Lists” tab in EBSCO eBook Manager.

This is just one example of what libraries can do using EBSCO eBook Manager. Learn about additional functionality by visiting our website and watch demonstrations of all available functionality in EBSCO eBook Manager with our EBSCO eBooks Webinar Series.