We are sincerely thankful to EBSCO for awarding The George Knight Library with one of the five 2020 EBSCO Solar Grants. The George Knight Library is the first Theological Library to leverage renewable energy resources in Fiji's small Pacific Island nation. 

This grant came at an excellent time for our library as the Pacific Theological College looked for opportunities and avenues, including funding, donations, and/or grants, to fulfill part of our institution's six-year strategic plan. This plan includes achieving a target of 50 percent renewable energy resources on all campuses and facilities. The EBSCO Solar Grant allowed us to contribute to and successfully meet this goal ahead of anticipated completion.

PTC has been raising awareness for earth justice since 2019 and made a goal in our six-year strategic plan to promote earth justice at the college. The installation of solar energy supports the college's Earth Justice Advocacy initiative. PTC has made many other positive changes on campus to become a more sustainable institution. PTC banned the use of all plastic materials, including utilizing single-use plastics, carry or shopping bags, plastic cutlery, plastic containers, and plastic kitchen products around the campus. We have also stopped the burning of rubbish on campus and participated in Fiji’s Environmental Week this June, planting native trees around the campus. 

Having a solar array installed at our library has many advantages. Our use of solar energy is a positive example for the community, as it diminishes our carbon footprint and reduces pollution. The installation of solar panels will also ease the college's financial burden as solar power is a cost-reducing source of energy and allows the library to utilize money saved on expanding the library's print and e-resources.

Without this grant, The Pacific Theological College would not have been able to launch PTC’s Earth Justice Advocacy initiative. The George Knight Library would once again like to acknowledge EBSCO for the magnificent grant for a great purpose. A big "vinaka vakalevu" (thank you very much) to EBSCO.

george knight library solar winner secondary blog image