You’ve heard about FOLIO: a community collaboration of librarians, vendors and developers, building an open-source library services platform.

You’ve heard about EBSCO FOLIO Services: a complete service and support offering for FOLIO including implementation and data migration services, hosting in the EBSCO AWS infrastructure and support for the FOLIO platform.

But have you heard about the teams behind EBSCO FOLIO Services: the implementation consultants, engineers and developers –– our teams who work tirelessly to create a seamless experience for you?

EBSCO FOLIO Implementation Consultants

Our Implementation Team is at the forefront of migrating your library to FOLIO. A dedicated team, the consultants walk your staff through the entire process, from analyzing your institution’s needs to migrating your data, to going live. This growing team, currently located on three continents, are trained in library migrations.

EBSCO FOLIO Engineers and Developers

With more than 70 people, the largest team on FOLIO includes our engineers and developers. They play a central role in development of FOLIO, by participating in feature design, helping to establish the platform’s roadmap, developing the software and deploying the software in the AWS cloud. The team also focuses on security and compliance with data privacy regulations to meet the highest standards. The team includes full stack developers, engineers who are proficient in AWS services, and engineers who are certified as solution architects, AWS developers and DevOps specialists.

EBSCO FOLIO Product Management

The EBSCO product management team plays an integral role in the FOLIO community. They are responsible for helping to define the community roadmap and helping to facilitate community discussion to determine what needs to be built and in what timeframe. This team helps make it possible for institutions to work with FOLIO by ensuring the inclusion of features and functionality that they require.  This team serves as product owners, UI designers, and helps to identify and build functionality for the FOLIO community.

EBSCO FOLIO Open Source and International Partnerships

Meet the EBSCO team that creates worldwide partnerships to provide implementation and support services for FOLIO across the globe and who work with the Open Library Foundation to create a home for the FOLIO project and other open source initiatives in the library world. This team scales EBSCO’s services into worldwide partnerships to provide libraries around the world with the highest standard of support services for FOLIO. This group played an integral role in the creation of the Open Library Foundation, which started as an initiative to hold the intellectual property and handle the business administration for the project. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown, and five open source projects are now members.

If you’d like to learn more about EBSCO FOLIO, visit our website. For a crash course on the features and functionality of the platform, check out FOLIO on Demand.

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