EBSCO FOLIO: We Have Everything That Matters

EBSCO FOLIO was designed with the user in mind. It was also designed to seamlessly integrate with your library systems. In this video series, you will learn about the benefits of using EBSCO FOLIO and the other EBSCO SaaS products together for all of your library needs.

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EBSCO FOLIO Integrations: An Overview

EBSCO FOLIO and its integrations were designed with the user in mind, so that they integrate seamlessly with your library systems. This video series will deep dive into how EBSCO FOLIO integrates with our other offerings that support everything from authentication to analytical reporting.

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Unlocking Knowledge: EBSCO Discovery Service

Connect your patrons to your library’s online resources anytime, anywhere with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). EBSCO FOLIO seamlessly integrates with EDS, enhancing access and discovery of scholarly content with streamlined functionality.

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Enhance Your Knowledge Base: Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder (FTF) is a next-generation solution that includes a knowledge base, holdings management tool, publication finder and link resolver. FTF integrates with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and EBSCO FOLIO to provide users with fast and reliable access to full text. In this video, we discuss how EBSCO FOLIO and Full Text Finder integrate to bring a better library experience to life.

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Navigate the Catalog: Locate

Locate, EBSCO’s OPAC solution for EBSCO FOLIO, serves as a path to find titles, place holds and renew items. Using Locate, patrons can search and browse their library’s catalog, add titles to their bookshelf, and place a hold on a title to pick up at the library. In this video, we discuss how EBSCO FOLIO and Locate were designed to work together for a seamless approach to your library’s catalog searches. 

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Library Analytics: Panorama

Using a Panorama dashboard with EBSCO FOLIO solves the challenges faced by many libraries trying to report on. In this video, we discuss the integration of Panorama and EBSCO FOLIO and how the solution combines the flexibility of an open source ILS along with the power of a visually dynamic analytics platform, giving you insights into your library’s print and electronic resources.

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Data-Driven Discoveries: BiblioGraph

BiblioGraph leverages BIBFRAME and Linked Data to connect library resources with data from authoritative sources. Learn more about how EBSCO FOLIO and BiblioGraph use BIBFRAME and Linked Data to enhance cataloging and resource discovery capabilities which provides a better experience for library users.

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Empowering Libraries: Stacks

Stacks help libraries make information easy to access, regardless of the systems and content that exist behind the scenes. Stacks was built in partnership with libraries to help integrate your existing library systems, collections, and everything in between. Watch this video on integrating EBSCO FOLIO and Stacks to learn more about how these systems interact.

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Securing Access: OpenAthens

OpenAthens offers easy online access to all library resources to only your authenticated library patrons. It provides modern single sign-on (SSO) technology and a better IP/Proxy experience and meets data protection governance and compliance requirements. Learn more about how OpenAthens and EBSCO FOLIO work together.

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