Panorama's Dynamic Visualization and Modern Technology

Panorama takes library analytics to the next level by enabling cloud technology and dynamic visualization for fast interaction with your library’s data.


Cloud storage, redefined

Panorama leverages an Amazon Web Services data lake and a Snowflake-hosted data warehouse—both state-of-the-art cloud technology services. A data lake allows you to store non-relational data from all of your various systems. This data then flows to a data warehouse to be organized and accessed via Panorama’s dashboards. Since both the data lake and warehouse are built upon cloud services like AWS and Snowflake, it eliminates the need for administration duties and manual processes.

Dynamic visualization

Panorama takes visual analytics to the next level by creating a dynamic visual approach to data, allowing librarians to interact directly with the data. This method presents data in a digestible format and creates easier (and faster) reporting and identification of trends. Dashboards include both common elements such as charts, tables, and bar graphs and stimulating visuals like bubble cloud charts, cluster graphs, and timelines.

Streamline and centralize your data automatically

Panorama’s cloud-based infrastructure creates many benefits for both end-users and your library’s data. The platform automates the pull of data from siloed sources and aggregates all data into a single repository. This means you can connect ILS, COUNTER, authentication, student information systems, and disparate data sources for more comprehensive insights. In addition, this technology reduces human error, saves your staff time, and ensures the backup of data no matter your system failures.

Customer perspective: Saving staff time

Larry Treadwell, Dean of Libraries at Fayetteville State University, discusses how leveraging Panorama from EBSCO has saved his library staff time when working with library data.

Ignite conversations with leadership

Rachel Besara, Associate Dean of University Libraries at Missouri State University, shares her story on the Panorama library analytics has helped strengthen her conversations with the university provost.

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