A Full Exploration of the American Indian Experience

Centering American Indian voices and perspectives, The American Indian Experience engages students with the historical experiences and contemporary practices of more than 150 Native American tribes across North America.

Dedicated investigations of events and time periods, illustrated through rich primary source and reference libraries, prepare students to deepen their understanding of multiple dimensions of American Indian history and culture.

Topic Centers Include:

  • Early Native America: Precontact–1527
  • Early Colonial Era: 1490–1664
  • Trade & Destruction of Native Economies: 1664–1754
  • War and Revolution: 1754–1810
  • Western Expansion and Removal: 1800–1851
  • Battle for the Great Plains: 1851–1877
  • Assimilation and Allotment: 1878–1928
  • Great Depression and World War II: 1929–1945
  • Termination and Urbanization: 1945–1968
  • Indian Activism and Self-Determination: 1968–1988
  • Modern Native Nations: 1988–Present

The American Mosaic: American Indian Experience was designed, developed, and indexed under the guidance of Loriene Roy, the first Native American President of the American Library Association, and a team of American Indian librarians and scholars.