Discover the Powerful Interdisciplinary Advantage

This ever-expanding collection of behavioral and social science research, dissertations and scholarly literature abstracts offers a broad view of the field. With relevance to a host of related disciplines, including neuroscience, business, nursing, law and education, APA PsycInfo delivers the peer-reviewed content and abstracts students and researchers need, and does so with remarkable precision and a dedication to scholarly and scientific excellence.

Focused on the interdisciplinary aspects of the worldwide behavioral and social science research and literature, APA PsycInfo is unmatched as a resource for locating scholarly research findings in psychology and related fields across a host of academic disciplines.

Features include:

  • Coverage dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, with extensive coverage from the 1800s to the present
  • Authored and edited books and book chapters
  • Dissertations selected from Dissertation Abstracts International (Sections A and B)
  • Publications from more than 50 countries
  • Journals published in 30 languages

Current and Comprehensive

APA PsycInfo remains one of the most current resources available for exploring and locating behavioral and social science research. It includes features such as First Posting for journal records ensuring access to the earliest publication of a journal article. APA PsycInfo offers a broad view of the behavioral and social sciences, and represents a time-tested core of research literature and findings necessary for any comprehensive psychology collection.

Authoritative and High-Quality

The content in APA PsycInfo is selected by APA experts based on quality and relevance to the field. Each bibliographic record is then meticulously created and reviewed by APA’s skilled and knowledgeable staff. Additionally, record monitoring continues post-release to ensure the highest level of accuracy for each individual record. Complete database reloads occur regularly, allowing for ever-increasing functionality, the inclusion of new fields, and enhanced indexing features.


The inclusive EBSCOhost interface, with its easy-to-use search parameters and many help screens, offers the choice to combine [APA PsycInfo] content with any number of other EBSCOhost databases, making it even more likely that full content can be conveniently found and delivered.... Highly Recommended.

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