Explore Original Cutting-Edge Research

The gray literature indexed in APA PsycExtra makes it a preferred source of innovative reports, ground-breaking conference papers, developing ideas, and more recent research than what is typically found in journals and books. When combined with conventional research materials, users gain vital insight across the spectrum of the behavioral and social sciences.

Users will discover the most current research findings from leading academic and research institutes, the military, foundations and other select organizations. Plus, because APA PsycExtra focuses on content that is outside of the peer-review system, it uncovers and indexes materials well before the research appears in published journals.

APA PsycExtra has no coverage overlap with APA PsycInfo, creating an ideal companion database

Current Content

APA PsycExtra proactively uncovers and presents new developments in the field by adding information from select sources on a biweekly basis. From conference papers to newsletters, patient brochures and pamphlets, new reports and monographs, APA PsycExtra curates the latest findings making it an ideal tool for improving and enhancing research and practice.

Authoritative and High-Quality

APA carefully selects content for relevance and quality from authoritative sources including leading academic and research institutions, foundations, psychological associations, federal and state agencies, and international organizations and offices.

Each individual resource is hand-selected by a skilled group of professionals, all with degrees in psychology. Records are highly structured and indexed using terms from the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms to ensure precise and relevant search results. The database includes diverse document types, making it easy for the user to select the content that best suits their specific needs.