Searchable Cited References

Historical Abstracts with Full Text Alumni Edition includes 497 journals with searchable cited references.

Useful Search Features

In addition to standard search features, Historical Abstracts with Full Text Alumni Edition allows users to search by time period. This is a major advantage given the extensive range of its coverage.

The Highest Quality Subject Indexing 

EBSCO has the premier and most highly regarded scholarly vocabularies curated by subject matter experts, covering all disciplines and major publishers. 

EBSCO believes in breaking down barriers to information through Enhanced Subject Precision (ESP) mapping, bridging the gap between content and end users through inclusion of natural languages.   

EBSCO databases support all learning types through textual and visual subject browse and information literacy training through subject access points in more than 30 languages. Watch video to learn more.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text Alumni Edition includes 1,653 active indexed and abstracted journals. 1,552 of them are peer-reviewed.