MLA International Bibliography with Full Text

From the Modern Language Association (MLA) and EBSCO, this resource combines an extensive collection of full-text journals with the definitive index for the study and teaching of language, literature, linguistics, rhetoric, writing studies, folklore, film, theater, and other dramatic arts.

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Content Includes

  • 789 active, full-text, non-open access journals
  • 530 active, full-text, non-open access journals not available in full text in any other EBSCO database
  • Full-text coverage for journals published in more than 50 countries
  • Backfiles to the first issue for more than 45 full-text journals

In addition to the full-text journal collection, MLA International Bibliography with Full Text features:

  • Expert indexing by MLA staff and contributing scholars
  • Citations to 6,000 journals and book series
  • 5.7 million detailed bibliographic citations documenting the scholarly record from the early 20th century forward
  • The MLA Thesaurus and the MLA Directory of Periodicals
  • An extensive suite of instructional resources
  • Indexing of book chapters coming in 2020!

The MLA Thesaurus

The MLA Thesaurus is the controlled vocabulary of subject terms, names and works used in indexing the materials listed in the bibliography. It was developed by the MLA and is continually revised and expanded to reflect current terminology in its disciplines.

The MLA Directory of Periodicals

The MLA Directory of Periodicals provides detailed records for more than 6,000 journals and book series published in the bibliography’s areas of coverage.

Instructional Resources

A Free Online Course: Understanding the MLA International Bibliography

The MLA has developed a free online course that helps students search more efficiently, understand their search results, and locate publications.

Each unit contains a lesson presented in one or two tutorial videos, questions that reinforce the lessons and require active participation through database searching, and a quiz.

Learn more about the free online course in understanding the MLA International Bibliography

Teaching Resources for Integrating the Bibliography into Class Curricula

The MLA Style Center offers tools for teaching research and information literacy, including lesson plans, assignments, and an instructor’s guide to integrating the online course into class curricula. Instructors can submit additional teaching resources for potential publication on The MLA Style Center.

Visit the MLA Style Center (click "Research")

Tutorial Videos in Multiple Languages

The MLA provides short tutorial videos that help users make the most of the bibliography’s rich metadata and its advanced searching and filtering features. New and updated tutorials are released throughout the year.

View MLA International Bibliography on EBSCO tutorial videos.