Help Students Develop a Deeper Understanding of History

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras provides students and educators with a fascinating survey of the civilizations, dynasties, and empires of the ancient and medieval worlds. With depth and breadth of coverage, this database allows students to relate the events of the distant past to ongoing developments in human history, exploring each chapter of ancient and medieval history through the lenses of culture, politics, religion, technology, and conflict.

Topic Centers Include:

  • Prehistory: Beginnings to 1000 BCE
  • Egypt and the Near East: 3200–500 BCE
  • Ancient Asia: 3000 BCE–500 CE
  • Ancient Greece: 2000–30 BCE
  • Ancient Rome: 1000 BCE–500 CE
  • The Byzantine Empire and Russia: 300–1500 CE
  • The Islamic World: 600–1500 CE
  • Africa: 3000 BCE–1500 CE
  • The Americas: 3000 BCE–1500 CE
  • Central and East Asia: 500–1500 CE
  • Medieval Europe: 500–1500 CE