How to Use Magazines Archives in Academic Research


Magazine Archives can enhance academic research. This video highlights the ways in which students from various disciplines can use magazine archives for research. Sociology students can track the representation of different groups through the years; political science majors can map the political landscape over time; business students can focus on the trajectory of company successes and failures; theater majors can reference advertisements and articles for an authentic period look; photography and art students can study the aesthetics of graphics and award-winning photos. There are many use cases for magazine archives to help students round out their research.

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How to Use Magazines Archives in Academic Research

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EBSCO’s Magazine Archives offer many hidden treasures for your students research. Unearth the history of major events and cultural themes with magazine archives that complement current research. Communications and marketing students can study various aspects of advertising over time, including representations of women and minorities, changes in graphic design layouts and the rise of branding. Political science students can focus on political campaigns and world events from economic, geopolitical, social and demographic perspectives. Discover a treasure trove of primary source materials from particular points in time. Sociology students can track the representation of different ethnic groups through the years in imagery and stories. Business students can access critical industry information, including company growth and mergers throughout history, as well as the career trajectories of high profile business leaders. Search out the past with magazine archives that act as time capsules. Theater and production departments can reference the scenery and clothing from a certain time period o bring authenticity to their productions. Photography students can explore cover art and examples of award-winning photos in magazines that capture life in the moment. EBSCO's collection of more than 20 popular magazine archives are full of historical treasures. What will your students discover? Magazine Archives from EBSCO.

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