This year five popular EBSCO products ­― Flipster, PrepSTEP for High Schools, LibraryAware, OpenAthens and Fiero Code ― have received the Modern Library Awards’ highest honor: Platinum. Flipster, OpenAthens and PrepSTEP for High Schools have all earned the platinum award multiple year in a row, while LibraryAware and Fiero Code have received this distinction for the first time. 

The Modern Library Awards (MLA) recognize excellence in library products and services. Each year, more than 80,000 library professionals in the LibraryWorks readership vote on products in categories such as library hardware, software and automation services. Librarians rate each product’s quality, functionality, value and customer service experience. The 2023 Modern Library Awards were announced January 17.

Here is what this year’s librarian judges had to say about our platinum award winners:


Flipster, who has won the platinum award for the sixth consecutive year, offers best-selling digital magazines from top publishers with flexible subscription options, hassle-free authentication, and unlimited access for multiple readers.

“Flipster has always been, and continues to be, a reliable resource! For years, our Flipster stats show 1,200+ issues read each month. We love it!”

“EBSCO is a company that obviously cares. I've had several experiences with them, and they've always been extremely courteous and easy to work with. During the pandemic, we met to discuss marketing for a virtual discussion group using their services, and they were beyond helpful and supportive.”


OpenAthens, who has won the MLA platinum award five years in a row, provides modern single sign-on (SSO) technology and a better IP/Proxy experience offering easy online access to all library resources.

"OpenAthens technical support is friendly and helpful, and I feel respected as a customer."

“OpenAthens seamlessly integrates with our Okta SSO making the sign on experience familiar for all our campus users.”

PrepSTEP for High Schools

This is PrepSTEP for High Schools fourth consecutive year winning the MLA platinum award. This resource is a dynamic e-learning platform containing tutorials, practice tests, articles and e-books for self-guided skill building, standardized test preparation, career development and more.

“We find access to Learning Express Library, especially the ACT Prep, AP Test Prep, ASVAB support and career technical assessment support to be invaluable to our students as they pursue market value assets, prepare for college and career opportunities after high school and seek actual industry certifications while in high school.”


First time MLA award winner LibraryAware helps libraries connect with readers and keep them engaged with templates and tools to create newsletters, bookmarks, shelf talkers, flyers, social and digital displays and more for promoting books and resources at your library.

“As the sole employee handling marketing for my library system, I love the convenience and ease of LibraryAware. LibraryAware provides me with a starting point and inspiration source for marketing my library and offers up a wealth of templates that are library-specific, giving LibraryAware a leg up over other marketing products.”

“What I appreciate most about the NoveList/LibraryAware team is the culture. Their staff truly cares about the customer. They want us to succeed. So they genuinely listen to our needs; then they create a product that meets that need. They take pride in our successes and cheer us on. LibraryAware is a partner more than a vendor.”

Fiero Code

First time MLA award winner Fiero Code is a self-paced learn-to-code software for kids ages 8-18. Offering hundreds of coding tutorials and dozens of real-world projects, Fiero Code provides kids with preparation for the jobs of the future while teaching life skills like problem solving and creative thinking.

Fiero Code also organizes regular coding competitions that are free to students from partner schools and libraries. Each Fiero Code Challenge invites kids to build something awesome in the software and submit their projects for a chance to win prizes.

“Fiero Code is a great product for all patrons but particularly for our youth. It teaches them to code early on, which will prepare many of them for a future in tech.”

“Our students are having fun and enjoy the challenges, each at their own pace. They have become a cohesive group who love to share their successes with each other. The periodic contests give those of a competitive nature the opportunity to feel accomplished, even when they don’t win. It has been rewarding to watch students start at ground zero coding knowledge rise to a level where they rush to help others with limited knowledge.”

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