African American Historical Serials Collection

The African American Historical Serials Collection is an archive of periodicals that document the history of African American religious life and culture between 1829 and 1922. It includes newspapers and magazines, plus reports and annuals from African American religious organizations, including churches and social service agencies. 

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Title List:
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Content Includes:

  • More than 170 unique titles related to African American life and culture
  • Approximately 60,000 pages of searchable primary source content
  • Reports and annuals from African American religious organizations and social service agencies, as well as African American periodicals
  • Extensive coverage of African American religious organizations, churches and institutions

African American Historical Serials Collection is a fantastic primary source tool for understanding a specific epoch from a unique perspective. Both neophyte undergraduate students and advanced researchers will appreciate its robustness and ease of use.

— Choice Magazine

Developed in conjunction with Atla, a membership association of collectors and connectors in religion and theology, African American Historical Serials Collection is the product of more than ten years of organizing and collecting materials. It is a complete, centralized and accessible resource of formerly fragmentary, widely-dispersed and endangered materials. Titles were collected from 75 institutions, including small institutions that had not previously participated in preservation projects.

Organizations represented include: 

  • Institute for Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Colored Youth of the State of Texas
  • Gammon Theological Seminary
  • Institute for Colored Youths
  • Home for Aged and Infirm Colored Persons

Now compiled and accessible to researchers in one digital collection, this unique resource documents the history of African American life and religious organizations from 1829 and 1922. Content features multiple religious denominations, including the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Zion Church and many Baptist churches.