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Research Databases

Atla Religion Database (Atla RDB)

Produced by Atla, a membership association of collectors and connectors in religion and theology, this database is an essential resource for religious and theological studies, providing bibliographic records covering topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history and religion in social issues. Indexed journals are selected for inclusion according to their scholarly merit and scope.

Atla Religion Database (Atla RDB) with AtlaSerials (Atlas)   ·  Full Text

Produced by Atla, a membership association of collectors and connectors in religion and theology, this database combines the premier indexing from Atla Religion Database® (Atla RDB®) with AtlaSerials® (Atlas®), one of Atla's online full-text collections of major religion and theology journals.

Arab World Research Source: Al Masdar   ·  Full Text

Arab World Research Source: Al Masdar is a unique full-text database for Arabic studies, Middle Eastern studies and Islamic studies. Covering many disciplines, it includes hundreds of full-text resources, including many in Arabic. Titles are listed in both Arabic and English, and abstracts are included in Arabic when available.

Christian Periodical Index

Published by the Association of Christian Librarians, this database indexes articles and reviews written from an evangelical perspective or of interest to the evangelical community.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Intended for students of Jewish thought and others interested in contemporary Jewish and Middle Eastern studies, this Index provides a comprehensive guide to English-language articles, book reviews and feature stories devoted to Jewish affairs and published throughout the world.

Jewish Studies Source   ·  Full Text

Jewish Studies Source is a rich full-text database offering a multidisciplinary view of Jewish civilization, from its historical origins to the present. It provides hundreds of publications devoted to Jewish studies, including scholarly journals, magazines, books, monographs, biographies and more. 

New Testament Abstracts Online

A product of a partnership between Atla and Boston College, this database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for religion and theology scholars, librarians, clergy and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu.

Old Testament Abstracts Online

A product of a partnership between Atla and the Catholic Biblical Association, this database features indexing and abstracts for religion and theology journal articles, monographs, multi-author works and software related to Old Testament studies.

The Philosopher's Index

Produced by the Philosopher’s Information Center, this current and comprehensive bibliographic database covers scholarly research in all major fields of philosophy. 

Religion & Philosophy Collection   ·  Full Text

Religion & Philosophy Collection is an essential full-text database for theology and philosophy research. It includes hundreds of full-text journals and magazines covering many religious and philosophical topics, including world religions, religious history, political philosophy and philosophy of language.

SeLaDoc: La Base de datos de Teología Latinoamericana

SeLaDoc, published by the Department of Theology at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, is an index for Latin American theological and religious literature with a focus on Catholicism in the region. This database is the authority index for the study of social theology, liberation theology, ethics and religious life in Latin America.

Historical Digital Archives

Atla Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series)

With the Atla Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series), religion and theology scholars can focus their research on the era and topics that most closely fit their fields of study. Eleven thematic series provide researchers with specialized content spanning from the 13th century through 1922.

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1, 13th Century-1893

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1 is an archive of religious and theological literature from the late 13th century through the 1893 World Parliament of Religions. The collection covers diverse religious topics and includes many volumes in Aramaic, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew.

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2, 1894-1922

Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 is an archive of religious and theological literature from 1894 through 1922. It showcases the changing landscape of religion in America at the turn of the century, including the growing interest in non-Western religions.

eBook Collections

EBSCO eBooks Religion Subscription Collection

Support the research needs of students and faculty in the study of religion. This e-book collection covers a broad range of religious subjects to help readers explore religious beliefs, faith, cultural systems and world views. Titles range from introductory text for undergraduate coursework to more complex works for advanced scholars.